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Supporting young people to attend UKPT Workshops


We welcome people of all ages to our Workshops. Participants frequently range from teenagers (including those under 18) to people in their seventies and beyond. Our youngest participants sometimes come to UKPT through parents, guardians or other adults seeking support on behalf of someone they care about. We asked two parents of participants to share their experiences:

"When we found the UKPT website, just reading the comments from others who were in the same boat was huge. Our son wasn't alone. I immediately emailed and I still feel emotional when I think back to the kind and supportive reply. Someone was going to help. Despite never having had anyone so young on the course before, UKPT bent over backwards to accommodate our son, putting in place child protection policies and procedures so he could attend. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that that weekend he had with UKPT changed his life. I hadn't seen him cry since he was a little boy, but he cried all the way home from that weekend; tears of happiness and above all, he said, tears of relief. The change in him was incredible and almost immediately, within days, he was back to taking on the world. I cannot imagine how differently things could have turned out without the UKPT and from the bottom of our hearts, thank them for giving our son his life back."

"My son had suffered with paruresis for a few years since his teens. It had made life very difficult and stressful. Finding the UKPT has been amazing and has changed his life for the better. He made amazing progress on the workshop. From the moment we met the leaders we were put at ease. It's so good to be able speak to those that know exactly what you feel and are going through and understand the impact it has on life. My son has achieved so much more than he ever thought possible and he is now using public toilets. As a family we were trying to decide whether or not he should go on the course, especially because of his age, for a good few weeks before making the initial call. We realise now that it's the best decision we have ever made."

To find out more about attending at UKPT Workshop – please click here.

At the time of writing, Workshops are taking place online as Virtual Workshops.

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Thursday, 30 May 2024

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