Public Urinal Etiquette

Urinal Etiquette

Men should breeze this game…women may have a little difficulty. There is a code of urinal etiquette that must be followed, although very similar rules appear to apply to women using cubicles.

To play, simply hover over the images to see if where you think you should stand is correct.

This page works better on a desktop/laptop computer or by flipping your mobile phone or tablet to landscape orientation.

Easy Section

6 is the only one to go to and every guy instinctively knows this.
You should go to 6. 5 is also acceptable, but you run a greater risk of being next to someone who arrives later.

Kind of tricky section

In choosing urinal 1 or 6, you are tacitly saying, "I don't want anyone next to me".
You're stuck being next to at least one guy, so you minimize the impact and get a wall on your left by choosing urinal 1 (or a cubicle). Never go between two guys if you can help it.

Subtle, tricky, but important to know section

Believe it or not, 1 and 3 'couples' you with the guy at urinal 2. And we wouldn't want that now, would we? This differs from question 4 in such a subtle way that the nuances cannot be explained.

Very tricky indeed section

None! You go to the mirror and pretend to comb your hair or straighten your tie until the urinals 'open up' a bit more. If you have to go real, real, bad – use a cubicle!

Other parts of the unwritten code of the urinals

No talking, unless it's a good friend but even then, keep it terse and unemotional. This ain't no clubhouse.

We don't think we need to tell you, absolutely no touching of anyone other than yourself. A touch of another's elbow is of the highest offense.

No singing. Period

Glances are for purposes of acknowledgment only…"Yeah, I see you there. I will not look again".

Exceptions to this are busy toilets or when you are with your mates.

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