History of the UKPT

What is the UKPT?

A UK Charity (reg. no. 1109541) dedicated to helping men and women for whom urinating in the presence or vicinity of other people, is difficult or impossible, and dealing with the problems this brings about. This anxiety based condition used to be listed under the category of Social Phobia, but it is now preferred to refer to paruresis as a Social Anxiety Disorder. The condition is also known by a number of other names including "avoidant paruresis", "shy bladder syndrome", "stage fright" and "pee shyness". It is sometimes grouped along with other conditions under the term "toilet phobia".

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Who is behind the UK Paruresis Trust?

We are a small group of volunteers who have one thing in common - we all have AP to a greater or lesser extent. We first met via Richard Z's U.S. website (which is no longer in existence) and then set up the UK site. More people joined in after finding the UK site. We first met informally in spring 1999, and have met on and off ever since. The association was set up in July 2002, became a charity in December 2002, and a charitable trust in 2005. Humour, trust, intelligent cut and thrust, friendship and empathy are all bywords for the meetings.

What does the trust do?

The trusts aims are:

The relief of persons suffering from the social anxiety Avoidant Paruresis (aka Shy Bladder Syndrome), particularly by:

The provision of internet based information and support >
You've already found our website. On this we are gradually building up pages of useful information. Click here to go to our forum. There you can read messages posted by others, you can post yourself, and you can reply to existing posts. Use it to ask questions, seek support, or just tell your story. You can be as anonymous as you like. Just remember it is there for support, so please abstain from insensitive comments. The forum is actively monitored (moderated), and any abusive or misleading postings will be edited, erased or, as a last resort, the poster can be barred.
The provision of desensitisation workshops >
The promotion of the concept of individual privacy in the design of public toilets >
The promotion of research into all aspects of the condition, particularly its cause and treatment >
The raising of public awareness, including that of the medical profession >


Andrew Smith (M.A. Cantab) 

David Winton

Committee Members:
Ann Allcoat LRAM GRSM
Peter Daw BSc MSc Clin.Psychol.
Dr Ian Harris PhD
Jonathon R Jones

Hon Advisors

Peter Daw BSc MSc Clin.Psychol.
Dr Matt Lane MB ChB BSc MA

James O’Neill, Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst, Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, author of Undressing, Shortbooks, 2019

We are saddened to note the death of Professor Alex Gardner, our first Hon Advisor, in late 2018.

Alex was a Chartered Psychologist and Registered Psychotherapist who made it his personal project to raise awareness of paruresis and support the development of UKPT. Without him there would have been no charity, no workshops, and none of the hundreds of individuals would have had their lives changed.

We owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. 

Read his obituary here.

Who do I contact?

You can contact Andrew by email or by post - see the bottom of the page. Alternatively, seek out other AP's on the UKPT Forum where we maintain an active presence.

How can I support the UKPT?

Click here for details of how to make donation. If you do wish to become more actively involved in the Trust, contact us on admin@ukpt.org.uk.

Warning & Disclaimer

This website is not a substitute for medical advice and does not constitute the practice of medicine, psychiatry, clinical psychology, clinical social work or any other mental health profession. If you are having trouble urinating, you should always contact a G.P. because difficulty with emptying the bladder can be a symptom of a serious physical medical condition.

We are a group of people who have suffered with avoidant paruresis. We have organised ourselves into a self-help organisation to help people cope with urinary dysfunction that has a psychological or social origin. On this website, we are not practising medicine, psychiatry, clinical psychology, clinical social work or any other mental health profession.

You should have your doctor evaluate your condition before diagnosing yourself, and seek the appropriate necessary mental health counselling if warranted. The UKPT disclaims all legal liability whatsoever.

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