Bad Public Toilet Design

Toilet layouts – bad design

Here are some plans of less desirable toilets.
Bad Shy Bladder toilet design

AP Hell

This is just too cosy and would send most AP sufferers straight for the cubicles!

It has got a divider though.

Bad Shy Bladder toilet design

Big Loo

This one has dividers and a decent number of urinals and WC's.
Bad Shy Bladder toilet design

No Dividers

It's a basic human need to want privacy.

However AP sufferers can't rely on toilet design changing and therefore most AP sufferers work on changing themselves.

Bad Shy Bladder toilet design


A very typical layout – at least they haven't tried to squeeze 3 pee pods in as sometime happens!

No dividers again.

Bad Shy Bladder toilet design


The easy choice here for the male or female AP sufferer is to use the disabled loo!

A ladies urinal has now been developed. Although this has won a design award it is unlikely to prove popular as most cultures would not be ready to accept such a radical change.

Bad Shy Bladder toilet design


The cash was available to build a shower room but not for a couple of inexpensive dividers.

Bad Shy Bladder toilet design

Not Bad

This one has the urinals at an angle which gives a better feeling of privacy. Both the male and female toilets in this scheme feature proper cubicle walls (rather than a sheet of cardboard!) and floor to ceiling doors – Quality!

Bad Shy Bladder toilet design

AP Heaven

This design is typical of a lot of new buildings where there is no difference between the male and female toilets.

This of course is the exception rather than the rule and whilst making for a nice surprise for most AP sufferers, would not help in confronting the problem.

Bad Shy Bladder toilet design

Funky Toilet Design

This is an example of a very funky design - which would be considered rather challenging for AP sufferers, to say the least!

However, humour tends to relax people and you would have a great reason to go in 'just for a look' and plenty to talk about when you return to the dance floor.

It was interesting to note that at the recent UKPT meeting on two occasions when 3 members went to the toilet (there were four urinals), members of the public on finding only one free urinal decided to use the cubicles. What does this mean?


The AP UK members should have stopped mid-stream and tried to recruit new members? Even people without a problem sometimes feel uncomfortable 'sandwiching' themselves between fellow human beings when carrying out one of life's more private tasks.

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