Paruresis FAQ

Your Shy Bladder Syndrome FAQs Answered

Here is a selection of questions we have been asked about shy bladder syndrome over the years. Hopefully they may also help to answer any questions you have about paruresis issues and treatments.

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Is there a cure for paruresis? Is there a cure for shy bladder syndrome?

Shy bladder syndrome and paruresis are the same thing. Some people also call it “stage fright”.

There is no pill which will definitely and quickly cure you of paruresis. Some antidepressant medication may help by generally reducing your anxiety, but it’s not a certainty – it helps some people, but not others. 

We find it more useful to think of a road to recovery rather than a sudden cure. Most people find Cognitive Behavioural Therapy very helpful. Most people also find it very helpful to talk to someone about their paruresis, particularly other people who experience it themselves. Most people find it very helpful to learn the physical causes of their paruresis. People who come along to our workshops can do all of these during the course of a weekend. You’re unlikely to be totally cured in a weekend, but you will have the tools to go forward with more confidence. Learn to know your enemy and you’re halfway to reducing its power over you.     

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