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Have suffered with paruresis to varying degrees for most of my adult life. Was able to "get by" in public toilet situations by using a cubicle.
However in recent months the situation has escalated. I'm not sure of the reason or any specific trigger but I now have great difficulty urinating in any public situation, even when a cubicle is available. It has got to the stage where my social life is being affected and even the prospect of holiday travel (5 to 6 hours in a plane with no possibility of relief) is a daunting one.

I did speak to my GP and was referred to a local Wellbeing Centre for assessment. I underwent a telephone review describing my symptoms and problems and the reviewer reported back that I was a candidate for appropriate therapy (CBT possibly or something similar). However with the current situation there is a minimum 3 month waiting list to start the therapy process and with the Covid situation escalating that time frame could be a lot longer.

Can anyone help with any suggestions of portals to access private treatment therapy. I am open to exploring any route - CBT, hypnotherapy or any other options.

I am based in the East Midlands area (Nottingham, Leicester, Derby) so could travel within that region easily.

We have a holiday to Cyprus booked mid-February and I am desperate to try to conquer my problems ahead of that or least get them to a manageable state if that is possible

#688 by arlowood

I too have suffered and avoided for years, and I think I finally need to look at CBT or something similar. But finding someone familiar with AP is tricky, as it doesn't present very often due to men being embarrassed about it. I may well speak to my GP but Covid has screwed everything up,and I fancy they have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

#691 by Ricky

Hi Arlo

Only just got notification of your posting. It's a bit late, so I just wanted you to know that I'll get back to you tomorrow.



#693 by andrew

Hi Arlowood and also Ricky

You are both right that CBT is the way forward. You can get CBT privately. Any member of the BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies) should be able to help you. Note we have no link with them and are only telling you what is in the public domain. Once the therapist identifies that it is an anxiety issue, s/he can address thoughts and beliefs, and help you to start graduated exposure.

Feedback from participants at our workshops say that hypnotherapy is not the answer. It can help you to calm down, but does not address the triggers.

Hopefully you have read on our website about our workshops; if not, please do. They have been running since 2003 and are successful. However due to Covid restrictions, we have had to stop meeting up in person. Now we are running one day Zoom sessions for limited numbers which again participants find helpful. We are doing this on demand so let us know if you are interested.

You can also "talk" things through with me on the forum, by email, or by phone.

Do take the time to read what is on our website, there is la lot if useful info there.

I hope this helps. let me know what you think.


#696 by andrew

Thanks Andrew, Covid has messed everything up big style. I am going to go down that route, but I reckon to wait until this crisis abates, because I reckon Doctors will be reluctant to devote time to it on the NHS. I may go private. Do you have any experience of CBT practitioners who have treated AP before?

#700 by Ricky

Hi Andrew
Thanks for the helpful response. I will certainly check out the BABCP website to see if there are any therapists based locally who could deal with issues of paruresis.

I will also look into the workshops on this website and review what other support information is available.

#709 by Anonymous
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