I just wanted to say thanks for the information on this site. I never realised that there was a charity and support for people with SBS. To be honest I thought it was just me and it has destroyed my self confidence and self esteem most of my life. I can think of endless events, parties and social occasions I have have avoided or cut short seemingly disappearing without reason to find a 'safe' place to pee and could never explain to anyone why. Comment's like 'What happened to you last night?', eat away. How could I possibly explain that I am unable to pee? I often end up mumbling some excuse of feeling tired which makes me feel depressed, hopeless and even suicidal. It's like you have a really bad secret so embarrassing that no-one would understand. 'What do you mean you cant pee? If you're bursting you'll just go.' 'You're a man, you just stand up and pee anywhere'.
After a relationship breakup last year, I decided to go and get help for my self esteem and it clicked that shy bladder was a big reason and it's time to finally try and address it. I have lived with it for so long, that I sort of got used to it being part of me and living with the destructive avoidant behavior but it has been sabotaging my life.
I am interested in attending the next beginners workshop in Reading, but if there are any Pee Buddies in the Dorset area that would be interested in working together, let me know.

#86 by DeanM

Hi Dean
Great that you have found us and thank you very much for your appreciation of the website. Your description of the effect of SBS on your life is sadly very common among people with SBS. However the workshop's CBT approach will help you I am sure. I have just co-led a workshop last weekend, and it is always a joy to see the tense faces at the start on Friday evening gradually relax and become smiling faces as the workshop progresses.

#87 by andrew
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