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Thanks Andrew.

I spoke to my doctor today and she wants me to go for more tests. She is saying it might be an over active bladder, which I told her it really isn't. My stress levels have been through the roof today worrying about what happens when I get this catheter out on weds. I'm extremely worried that I might end up back in the hospital or having a catheter in long term is going to be my life. I've tried talking about this to my parents but they don't really understand it. My friends are supportive and say that I shouldnt worry but I do. I'm absolutely terrified of it. I need to just take my mind off it and relax I think.


#1397 by chris

Hi Chris

You definitely do not need an in-dwelling catheter.Go to this page of our website: www.ukpt.org.uk/paruresis-information-fo...eneral-practitioners

Go to the section on catheters, click on the link and print off the article from the magazine called Professional Nurse. Take that with you and if it is suggested you have an in-dwelling catheter, polite refuse it and request disposable catheters, and show them the article, pointing out that the nurses promote that method of controlling one's urinary problems.

Anticipation of something is often more frightening that the act itself; hence the advice to "face your fear and do it anyway." Intermittent self-catheterisation is routinely used by a whole range of people without any problems whatsoever.

You can do this; life will be much easier that way.



#1398 by andrew
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