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Hi Chris in response to your question I use hygienic wipes.I use Flocath quick catheters they are about 14” long and I hide them in my sock and up my trouser leg so I can walk about with them .The advantage of these I find is that they have a sleeve that you can move along the catheter tube so that your fingers never come into contact with the catheter tube.I try and wash my hands first then enter a cubicle ,this space is yours for the procedure do not try to rush it .I then stick the catheter on the wall with a sticky on the catheter then break the seal on the reservoir containing the antiseptic saline solution so that it engulfs the catheter tube.Leaving that I take out my penis and wipe the tip of the penis with the antiseptic wipe making sure my fingers don’t touch the tip.I then take out the catheter from it’s pouch making sure I do not touch the tube and using the sleeve feed the catheter into the penis.After the bladder is fully emptied I remove the catheter and dispose of it.Remember hygiene is all important if I accidentally touch the catheter tube that goes into the penis I treat it as contaminated and will have to start all over again.I also take zinc tablets as I have read they help the immune system fight infection.Don’t want to frighten you Chris but by keeping hygiene in mind you’ll have no problems ,hope you and anyone else find this helpful.

#1471 by Roy

Thanks Roy, that's great advice. I will get those supplies for when I have to use the Catheter when out and about. I maintain a good hygiene in general so it will be paramount for me to do what is necessary to avoid infection. Besides that, it seems it is a relatively easy procedure. Can't believe I am only discovering it now. I tried It again last night and was able to do it way easier than the last 2 times. I think I have the hang of it and am starting to get a feel for when i'm nearing the bladder. It is actually a great feeling when it gets there, in a weird way.


#1474 by chris

Glad you found it helpful Chris,just to add closure you may be thinking I go on a bit about hygiene but it all stems from some years ago I flew to the west coast of America (couldn’t do that without catheters) for a month.We went to a friends cottage at the ocean and I asked to use the bathroom,no problem I was about to insert the catheter when it slipped out of my fingers on to the floor.Quick as a flash I picked it up ,I was trying to rush it ,no harm done I thought and I completed the operation.WRONG I developed a water infection that laid me low for a couple of days ,I had to visit one of their drop in clinics for an exam and some antibiotic tablets cost me 600$ good job I was insured.So that’s why I harp on about hygiene and contamination so much.

#1475 by Roy

Hi Chris

You mention using Radar toilets. I hope you are not going to limit yourself to those; it is OK to use public cubicles for self-catheterisation. Go and do the cathing when you do not need a pee, just to prove to yourself, and more importantly your subconscious, that it works. We see know it works but the subconscious ain't logical. Then drink up and go to local public cubicle to use one for real. From then on you will be calmer in cubicles.

#1478 by andrew

Thanks Andrew,

No I wont just limit myself to Radar toilets, It would only be if I was caught short in town. A lot of the places I go to are really bad for Paruresis sufferers. Well, I find it so anyway. I'm building up to trying to use that Cath when out. I ordered some of those Speedicath Compact that you mentioned. These seem to be CH 12 size. Is that the standard size? Just looking at the French size guide it seems these are a little thinner maybe, I presume that would work better for me that the 14 that I'm currently using?


#1493 by chris

Sorry Chris, I cannot advise on cath sizing. You would need to try them out. If too thick then obviously it would not fit, or would stretch you. If too thin, I am guessing that it would be less likely to follow the path of the urethra which does not sound good.

Take care


#1494 by andrew
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