Doing the virtual workshop

I completed the virtual workshop last weekend and would really recommend it. Initially I wasn't sure about doing something online but was really impressed how well organised it was, I learned a lot and it has made me feel more hopeful about overcoming my (lifelong) paruresis. I practice as a Clinical Psychologist and treat people with anxiety disorders and was really impressed by the quality and breadth of the material presented. For a long time I thought that I would never overcome my paruresis because it felt so deeply ingrained in my body and for the first time I feel there is hope to overcome it. I know I now have to go away and practice. I also intend to go to an in person workshop when they become available.

Dr Matthew Rosen-Marsh
HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist

#1303 by MRM

Hi Matthew, how are things now?
I hope you have managed to get to a virtual workshop now because they really are good and beneficial to us paruresis sufferers.
I must say how impressed and pleased to see that you have told us that you are a clinical psychologist and that even professionals like yourself can have this problem.
When you have learnt about the Ukpt Mail methods of dealing with this condition then you will be able use that with patients if need be in the future.
I would advise you to tell the doctors in your district about this condition and a bit about how it affects people so that these doctors are aware of it and that it has a name so it is therefore a recognised condition. You don’t have to tell them you have it yourself, just tell them you’ve heard of it from patients and they’ll be none the wiser.

#2758 by Karl
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