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I have attended two workshops which have helped me to progress. I can now use a urinal though only when there is only one or two people present and lots of space between me and them. I still feel anxious when entering a public toilet and toilets which have lots of urinals helps.
I'm finding it hard to progress from this to being able to use urinals when there are only two to three available, which is generally the case with most resturants, so I tend to use the cubilcle instead which is fine when its not already in use. So going out for family meals etc is still very stressful.
Would anyone have any advice in moving forward.
Every few weeks I venter into town to do some desensing.
Is there more I can be doing?

#154 by Nigel

Where are you located, Nigel? I'm in Manchester and always looking for someone to practise with.

#155 by Anonymous

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I am based in Southampton, so some distance away.

#156 by Anonymous

HI Nigel. If there are only two urinals and one is in use, it is common for the send person to use the cubicle. If there are three and number 1 or 3 is in use then it is common to use the opposite one. Remember a man can pee only for so long, say 20-25 seconds; so it is feasible to wait him out if necessary.
Better still, take on board Julian's advice in the thread "Hit a wall....".

#157 by andrew
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