Virtual Reality for desensitising.

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the use of Virtual Reality to help with desensitising. I have seen recent press articles regarding VR and its successful use with certain phobias.

As an aside, I have recently spent a significant amount of money recently to see a rapid change therapist and can advise it was not money well spent.

#146 by Dave

Hello Dave
Virtual Reality is something the UKPT is very interested in. We have supported a man doing an MsC in the use of VR for paruresis, and were pleasantly surprised by how realistic his demo kit was. He is now trying to get funding for a PhD to develop it further viz to provide a range of scenarios suitable for graduated exposure. Unfortunately we don't have the means to fund him, and so are hoping he will find the necessary himself. He is strongly supported by his tutor so cross fingers.

Sorry that you spent fruitlessly on Rapid Change therapy. Would you consider attending a workshop? It is not rapid, but it does enable improvement.



#147 by andrew
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