Kind of stalled with cubicle gradual exposure

I went to the beginners workshop in March and have made really good progress since then and I'm up to the stage where I'm desensing to people being either side of me with there being a gap at the bottom of the cubicle walls, I was doing really well but suddenly have found it difficult to go in the same situations that I have been able to go only a few days earlier and I don't understand what has changed it's as if I've put pressure on myself that I should be able to pee because I've peed there before creating an expectation and when I lock up I get more worried because I was fine the last 5 times I peed in that cubicle. Any advice would be great, thanks.

#110 by David

Hi Dave, it sounds like you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s a subtle thing but remember walking the dog? You can walk the dog to the lamppost, but the dog decides if its going to pee or not, not you the dog owner. In other words, your subconscious decides, not your conscious self. Do you remember the advice to “stop caring whether you go or not”? Accept that it may or may not happen, and the pressure of expectation disappears.
Progress overall is upwards, but in the short term can fluctuate. Can you ride it out patiently? Would stepping back one pace to fake it a couple of times till you feel comfortable again help?
Best, Andrew

#112 by andrew

Yeah I think I'll go back to faking it for a bit just so I have no pressure on me at all to pee and see how that goes, thank you

#113 by David
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