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Dear fellow UKPTer's,

I have spoken to my doctor about not being able to start a flow when in public or having people nearby, even at home sometimes I struggle to start a flow. The doctor has referred me to a Urologist and the appointment is this coming Friday. I need to have a blood test prior to the appointment which will be fine for me. I was looking forward to meeting the urologist until I received another letter requesting me to attend the hospital one hour earlier for a flow test to be conducted..... This is where fear has started to kick in and I am dreading the lock up scenario and not being able to pee. Once I start, I am normally ok to continue until my bladder is empty.

Has anyone else been to a urologist and what did advice did they give you? What is the flow test all about? Do you need to pee into a device linked to a computer?

I have done both the beginners and intermediate workshops about 10 years ago. The courses were great and gave me a lot of confidence to try and lead a normal life. I seem to always manage and get by. Luckily my wife knows and when in certain social situations which are difficult, I can make an excuse to take an urgent phone call, my wife knows the is a keyword that I am struggling to pee, which allows me to walk off down the street and find somewhere quiet to relive my bladder. This normally only happens on big nights out, when you end up in a busy pub / club with our worst nightmare of a metal trough and a toilet attendant being present!!

Any advice about the flow test / meeting a urologist would be greatly appreciated?

Adam P

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Hi Adam, good to hear from you. The GP referred you in order to check for a physical impediment such as a restriction in the urethra or a polyp getting in the way. Note that the urologist is interested only in the physical side of things and may not even have heard of shy bladder syndrome.

I have also been to a urologist and done the flow test; mine was done in a little room on my own with no time pressure and no-one waiting outside. I had all the time I wanted, and your being asked to turn up an hour early show that will be the case for you too. You pee into effectively a funnel, which feeds into a flowmeter, and the rate of flow is measured., probably onto a print out. That way when you see the urologist, he will be able to see what your flowrate is. Don’t worry if you can’t pee, or if the flow is weak; you know that is a symptom of the paruresis, and you can just tell him that. You can even tell him what the flow is like when you are in your comfort zone.

Occasionally a urologist will find something; but is he does not, he will say there is nothing wrong with you; just remember that he means that from his perspective, i.e. physically. If that is the case, the GP can then think about referring you for CBT.

Or you could come back for a workshop; our techniques have improved since you last attended, and so you may benefit from a refresher. WDYT?


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Hi Adam P,yes last year I saw a urologist who wanted me to do a flow test,I couldn't do it so he said not to worry and he put the camera up to check( not painful) he found two restrictions which he later operated on.The flow is now slightly better but unfortunately the urologist said that over the years (I am 70)of holding a full bladder my bladder is now totally stretched and my bladder muscles have gone completely and there was nothing he could do about it.So now I rely on gravity or catheters to empty as my bladder cannot push.I thought I would just mention that to you younger people because if you do not action the problem as Andrew recommends it will not go away and as in my case it can get worse.

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HI Andrew,

Thank you for the reply. Reading your comments and the other user's comments, it has put me at ease a little. I am still very apprehensive about meeting the Urologist. I will fluid load in the morning and see what happens.....

I am interested in attending another improvers weekend, but sadly I'm maxed with work for the next 3-4 months. Maybe an autumn workshop...

All the best.

Adam P

#108 by Adam P


Many thanks for your advice, between yourself and Andrew at UKPT, it has put me at ease a little. Luckily I'm younger, late 30's so fingers crossed I haven't done too much damage to my bladder.

Will let the forum know how I get on in due course.....

Adam P

#109 by Adam P
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