Taking Grandson to the toilet

Hi Folks I have lived with this problem all my life I am married and have brought up a great family Now I have a 5year old grandson and I am worried about taking him to the toilet he is ok but naturally curious so if I go with him he will be looking at me etc ,so I feel I wouldnt be able to go with him Has anybody got any advice or been in a similar situation it is putting me off wanting to take him out for the day as we might have to go to the toilet together so far ive managed to avoid this problem but as he gets older the pressure is building on me any advice would be very welcome

#101 by Redders

Hi Mike
Just need to clarify something. You mention bringing up a great family; were none of them boys? If you did have a son, how did you manage that?
As for your grandson, are you taking him out for the day on your own, or with someone else?

#102 by andrew

Hi Andrew Yes I do have son and happily he appears to be normal in the toilet department ,so how did I manage that well basically I timed my toilet visits not to coincide with his sad to say from a fairly early age he went on his own also as we are keen outdoors people he wee d in the bushes as I did he never questioned the situation and just did his own thing as I did But now I am in a situation with another grandad so my grandson will see there is a difference with me so not sure what to do maybe I will have to do the same as i did with my son just not go at the same time Maybe I m too old now to change things any advice welcome

#105 by Anonymous

Interesting that you say "so my grandson will see there is a difference". That implies he would be interested enough to notice a difference. A close friend once described peeing as being as uninteresting as blowing one's nose.; i.e. totally forgetable. Once you can take that on board, it may help you to get the grandson situation in perspective. Would he notice a difference in how and when you blow your nose. Grown-ups are mysterious to kids, and kids are busy with their own world.
Another things, grandfathers are allowed to take longer to pee, both to start and to finish; and to go more often. Youngsters are very quick. So don't try to compete!

#107 by andrew
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