Unable to use public bathrooms

A number of months ago I was unfortunatly involved in an incident at a public bathroom where security almost forced the door open while I was making use of the facilities, because they believed I was in the cubicle with someone else. They demanded I get out immediatly, as it became clear there atually was an incident in the cubicle next door and while it was a total case of mistaken identity, I was impacted more than I believed at the time.

My issue was not with urination initally, although I now feel an increasing degree of anxiety when using a public bathroom for a wee, but moreover I find it impossible to use a public facility for a number 2, which can become incredibly uncomfortable and painful. This is the first time I have spoken about the issue and when googling 'public toilet anxiety' I was so pleased to find this forum.

My question is... when I get the courage to speak to my GP, I dont feel that a urologist would be appropriate given the previous mention - is there something specific I should be asking?

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Hi AR-19

What an upsetting experience, being forced out of a cubicle; no wonder that leaves you jittery. It may help to work out the odds of it happening again, especially in safe public toilets like shopping malls etc?

As forgoing a number 2. I assume it is that you want to speak to the GP about? Don't try to do the GP's job for him/her. Just describe what is happening, and be clear about the separation between your conscious wish i.e. to void, and the fact that the body does not co-operate. What I hope the GP would do is refer you to a Clinical Psychologist for CBT. He/she can help you to recognise and deal with thoughts and beliefs that are interfering with normal behaviour and also help you to practice desensitisation in a very safe and gentle way.

If the referral hits a waiting list, and if you can afford to, you could go direct to any counselling therapist who provides CBT for anxiety based conditions.

Have a think, and get back to me. Or if this forum feels too public, you can contact me on the support email address. Then we can try to move forward together on this



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