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Hi i am from guatemala is really nice to see that i am not alone in the world with this.

I has a job interview yesterday followed by a urine Drug test that i was not able to provide by any means.

Of course i did not got the job since it was taken as a refussal to get tested.

My question will be , is there any international policy that i can use on this cases ?

I will star your workshops btw thanks

#483 by Javier

Hi Javier

Good to hear from you and glad you found our website. I am sorry about your not getting the job. The drug test being part of a job application is more common in the USA, and the International Paruresis Association has been working hard to get regulations changed there.

As far as I know there is no international policy you can use. However if Guatemala has any legislation about Disability Discrimination, you could say that you are effectively disabled by your condition and so should not be penalised.

Secondly you could argue that you are not refusing to be tested, but are unable to provide a urine sample on demand for reasons out of your control; but you are very willing to have a blood test, or a saliva test. Would you be able to provide a urine sample in say a closed toilet or cubicle, with no time pressure? If so, you could offer that.

Are you able to find a sympathetic doctor who is willing to listen to your description of shy bladder? If so, could that doctor give you a medical note explaining that you cannot pee on demand? Assuming the doctor can read English, you could show him our website www.ukpt.org.uk , and the section Professionals, Drug Testing and For General Practitioners (the UK term for a family doctor).

If you email me your address, I can arrange for our glossy brochure to be sent to you, for you to show doctors and drug testers, as proof that the condition is real.

The IPA has recently run a one day workshop online which they say went well. We in the UK are now considering doing the same. Does that interest you?

You say “I will star your workshops btw”. What did you mean by “star”?

I hope this helps. Do come back on this forum, or if you prefer to me using the email address under contacts.

Best wishes


#484 by andrew

This post is very relevant to me. I have failed to give a urine sample for my driving licence as I suffer terribly from paruresis. I would be only too happy to supply a blood sample but know a urine sample is impossible. This condition has ruined my life and now is at the point of suicide being an obvious solution. I would like a brochure also as I don't believe that this condition is taken seriously, or is unknown. My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ...

#1119 by Anthony

Hi Anthony

Thank goodness you posted on the forum. I’ll get a brochure emailed to you; but better still if you provide me with your postal address (by email not on the forum) – full confidentiality assured – we can post you some physical brochures so you can give them to whoever.

In the meantime would you like to tell me your story? Does not have to be on this forum, you can reply to the support email address. It can be helpful to get it all off your chest to someone who understands fully what you are going through.

We are running one day virtual workshops using Zoom. This could be the start of your recovery. Will you please agree to participate on one?

You matter to us; that is why we set up this charity: we have got to grips with this miserable condition and so want to help others do so. So far we have held over 110 (one hundred and ten) physical weekend workshops since 2003, and helped over 700 individuals. And yes one university drop out was on the point of ending it all but thankfully he found our website: we turned him round.

So you are with supportive non-judgemental friends now.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


#1122 by andrew
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Further to my post about the DVLA medical and observed urine test, I contacted the DVLA today to explain that I have paruresis and that I am not refusing a test but a urine test would be impossible and would they be able to do a blood/swab test in its place. After being put on hold for a considerable time I was told that they had not heard of paruresis but my response has been noted and they will get back to me. The first medical was a disaster. I obviously was unable to provide a urine sample, plus the experience was terrible. At one point the doctor doing the medical said he couldn't wait for me and got the receptionist to stand over me to observe. At this point, I was having a panic attack. I now have a letter for a repeat urine test. I only came across the UKPT after looking for any help online. I thought I was the only one with this condition and am comforted by the thought that I am not alone. Now I have an anxious wait upon the DVLA. I wonder if this may come under disability disrimination.

#1125 by Tone

Hi Tone
Look at the Professionals drop down menu of this website. It has a section for GPs, which includes a statement on Disability. Also a section on Drug Testing: this describes how the Home Office has a policy in paruresis for prisons, and the police procedure for testing, which is the choice of urine or blood. Armed with this you can put them on the spot. Remember it is their problem not yours. The condition was researched in the early 50s and written up in a professional journal. The Royal Australian GPs' Association website contains info about the condition. The British Medical Journal has solicited an article about it, the Nursing Times has published an article about it.
If you need an assessment, we have a Clinical Psychologist who may be able to help you.
Don't forget to give us an address by email so we can send you the UKPT brochure, which is something they cannot ignore. The sooner you get that your GP and the DVLA the better.

#1127 by andrew
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