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Tone, I missed something. Why do you have to give a sample for your driving license?

#1128 by andrew

It all stems from an unrelated health issue whereby I was hospitalised for a considerable while. I had lost nearly 7 stone in weight and a sinister shadow was found on my left lung. I am still being monitored for this but the shadow was believed to be benign. I was stopped by the police in my car shortly after being released from the hospital and at the start of the first lock-down. I was reported to the DVLA by the policeman as he stated that I may have a health problem that will affect my driving. The real reason the policeman reported me was in my opinion because I unintentionally belittled him in front of his colleagues. He looked very young and asked me what medication I was taking and I told him; Simvastatin, levothyroxine, lofepramine. He asked if any of these caused me to be drowsy. My reply was that when he gets older in years he may become more familiar with these types of medication. In hindsight it was unwise but I didn't mean any malice. The DVLA medical that I need to pass does include a mandatory observed urine test. I failed the first test as I was unable to provide a urine sample. A repeat medical has been sent for and I have 12 weeks from the date of the letter to comply. I have sent you my address details if you have any literature that may be of any help. I am not refusing to give any type of sample but I am unable. I have offered a blood test or swab.

#1130 by Tone

HI Anthony

The email has not come thought. Could you try the email address on the email I sent you please?


#1131 by andrew

I sent an email again. I guess I must have sent it to the wrong address before. Please let me know if you still haven't received it. Many thanks, Tony..

#1132 by Tone

Sorry for the late reply but as you may well imagine I am deeply embarrassed by my condition. The conclusion of the DVLA test was that I was issued with a disability driving licence which lasts for four years. I am deeply depressed as I look back at my life of missed opportunities. I am 58 years old now and live alone with my dog, which has been a godsend. A non-judgemental loyal friend who I dote on. I moved away from my home town, 150 miles away on the east coast. I am trying to build up the courage to engage further. It's not easy as I have spent a lifetime of avoidance and excuses. During my life, I have tried to cope by mentally blocking the fear out by extreme measures including drug issues which only adds to the problems. I hope to gain the courage to engage sooner rather than later.

#1479 by Tone
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