Having trouble progressing in cubicles

I'm having real trouble peeing when someone is in the cubicle next to me, I've worked my way up from sometimes being able to pee in an empty bathroom to being able to pee if I have a buffer of one cubicle althought not 100% of the time sometimes I lock up, but I can't seem to progress to someone being in the next cubicle, I've tried faking it and don't feel anxious standing there but when I try to pee I just feel they are too close and so lock up hence why I can pee with a buffer of a cublicle. I don't really know how to progress now, I'm just a bit stuck and don't seem to be making progress. I do also have a thing about thinking people in the next cubicle are looking at my feet and wondering why I'm standing there for so long so I tried faking to get rid of that thinking but it doesn't seem to go away and it's definitely a big hindrance to my progression that type of thinking, does anyone have any advice? Thanks

#51 by Michael

Michael, have a look at my reply to Ben's post titled "How to get started with gradual exposure". Then get back to me. Andrew

#52 by andrew

Hey mate,

I've been there it seems impossible but I've progressed passed that. I started off in large quiet toilets were someone would be using a troff and I'd use the cubicle. Than progressed to using a cubicle with a buffer. Make sure you have done this buffer part alot of times before progressing. Then next to someone else but with a low wall then high wall. Then move onto open door but always make sure youre successful in each step alot of times before progressing. I am at the open door step. Sometimes I secceed other times I don't.

#53 by Dylan procter

I'm at a similar stage to Michael and I'm having trouble going in cubicles with low walls when someone is next to me with the door closed, except I find it easier with low urgency, I feel more relaxed. When I'm in a cubicle with low walls and someones next to me I don't feel any anxiety but it's still a bit too close for me with someone right next to me even after faking a lot of times and if I have a higher urgency like 6-7 then sometimes I even lock up in situations that I would usually consider easy, it's as if the more uncomfortable I feel with regards to how full my bladder is the more privacy I need in order to relieve myself. I'm going on the Manchester workshop in March, will it help me progress with cubicles and levels of urgency?

#62 by David

Yes the workshop will help. That is what they are for :-)

#63 by Anonymous

If I'm having trouble with someone next to me should I go back to having a buffer until I have that really nailed down or should I just continue trying?

#64 by David
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