I have a difficult problem.

I always had paruresis in my whole life but I managed to live with that so far. Ishare a bathroom with another person. The toilet is really close to the rooms so you can hear people talking and you could be heard. I found myself in a situation where I couldnt pee in my own bathroom because of that. I really feel embarassed. I use headphones to create a white noise and its working but it takes time to easen myself and I feel more stressed about it.

#41 by George

Hi George
When you say you could be heard, the operative word is could. They are interested in each other's conversations and so are listening to each other. They are not interested in your peeing at all and are not listening out for it. What you can do to help yourself is to pee on the porcelain and not into the water, so it is quiet. But the main thing to take on is how you are not the centre of attention.

#42 by andrew
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