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Hi guys,

So a little info about myself I’m 33 years old had paruresis from as early back as I can remember so even before my teens not sure the reason like most of us, Im unable to wee in public places eg work, restaurants to be honest anywhere that isn’t my toilet and even then sometimes can’t do that. I’ve finally had enough, I have kids it’s effecting my abilities as a parent. I panic of the thought of taking them out because all that little voice in my head says is “toilet” and the entire day is taking up with that thought. I need help guys it’s getting me down so bad that it’s creating a form of depression in my head. What do I need to do? Who do I speak to. Any help is very much appreciated.

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Hi Scraps
Just a quick reply to say you are heard. I am off out now so will reply properly later; may not be till tomorrow. In the meantime have you looked on our website about workshops? You can also email us if you want.

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you it’s reassuring that I’m not alone in this. I’ve booked a appointment with my gp on Friday but unsure what I should say. I’m going to check the workshop out now.

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Hi Scraps90

Have a look at this webpage:
especially the Link to What your patient is thinking. Important to note that it is in the British Medical Journal!

Points to make:
- you can pee in what you consider to be "safe" situations, but not in unsafe i.e. social situations
- because the subconscious turns off the peeing mechanism (closes the sphincter), it does not matter how full your bladder is, it ain't going to happen
- a short-term fall back of self-catheterisation would help, as it would remove the stress, and enable you to move forward with addressing the problem.

Finally we have decided it is safe enough to restart weekend workshops, so keep you eyes on the Book a Workshop page.



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Spoke to my Gp today, what a load of good that was, didn’t mention paruresis as I’m waiting for therapy to get in touch to speak about that so told my doctor it was involuntary urine retention. Kinda brushed me off and said get bloods and urine test done. Asked what I can do in the mean time as it’s becoming painful didn’t want to know till bloods where done.

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