Reading Workshop Feedback - November 2017

Having suffered from this problem for all of my adult life I found the workshop to be extremely helpful and quite frankly a relief to discuss it and get it off my chest. It was interesting to meet the guys on the workshop who represented a real cross-section of men from different walks of life all suffering from this problem.

I can honestly say that I made more progress in those 2 days than I have for the previous 10 years. A huge thank you to the gentlemen who run the workshop, giving up their own time and helping others who suffer from this phobia.

For anyone who might be considering this workshop but is afraid or worried, I would say please book on. No need to suffer alone, just speaking about it with other sufferers is a huge weight off of your shoulders and you will almost certainly benefit from doing this.

Thanks Again to Andrew and Ian.


#22 by rob

I found the work shop very helpful. Bit apprehensive at first but was soon put at ease when I met the Andrew and Ian. Ended up bit like a lads weekend away. Seriously though it's been a turning point for me. I would recommend to anyone who wants help.

#27 by Nick
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