Virtual Workshop (27.11.2021) and A Message of Hope

I've been aware of the good work UKPT does and this website and forum for some years. For me personally, attending an in-person workshop was a step too far outside my comfort zone. I also felt that learning to pee with a buddy in a workshop environment with complete control over the whole situation wouldn't help me in the real world where there are so many variables which we can't know in advance or control in a public toilet.

So for a long time I've been de-sensing on my own, and have succesfully progressed from previously only ever able to use cubicles to now being able to use urinals in a relatively busy environment such as London Victoria train station. My sticking point is proximity, i.e. someone standing right next to me, and confined spaces.

I know a lot of people with AP would say, "wow, that's impressive progress". And I also think, I've come so far it doesn't actually matter if I can't pee with someone standing over me, or if I have the occasional misfire. But being someone with high standards, my ultimate goal is to go anywhere, any situation, without even thinking about it.

Recognising that now might be the time to call in the support of experts and a pee buddy, I signed up to the UKPT's Virtual Workshop on Saturday 27 November. I can't recommend the Workshop highly enough. What first struck me was how the other attendees were just regular men and women from all ages and stages of life. People you might work or socialise with who just happen to have the same desire as you and I to manage this inconvenient condition. Everyone spoke so openly from the off that within a matter of minutes just talking about AP, our feelings towards it, and some of the issues, felt like the most unremarkable thing to be doing. The hosts, Andrew and Ann, were great. The Workshop was delivered with the right balance between authority on the subject, understanding and sensitivity.

I didn't feel pressured or uncomfortable in any way, but what the virtual format did manage to do successfully was to give me a sense that although I was really alone at home, there were half a dozen other people in the house with me! In the desensitisation sessions, I felt genuinely anxious, and the virtual format managed to replicate really effectively the scenario of someone standing next to me, but while I used the toilet in my own home. Using the tools suggested (many of which I couldn't have learnt from my own research), I peed every time.

I just want to say to all those people out there who, like me, have come across the UKPT's website and forums but stopped short of attending a workshop, please consider attending. If that feels like too big a step, please know there is hope. With dedication and practice you CAN manage and ultimately overcome this condition and reach a level that today might seem unachievable.

THANK YOU, to Andrew, Ann, everyone who attended on Saturday, and everyone involved in UKPT.

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