You can force your self to pee !!!

I'm going to make this pretty short, short as I can for what this is. I couldn't get it out of my head. I'm thankful that I know I never have to have a tube stuck up you know where. So I wanted to post this. Of course I know of no one else that has this issue in my life, so I have no idea if what I'm going to tell you, people already know. Maybe it's no big deal, and everyone knows! But this method of forcing myself to pee liberated me literally!

Anyways. You can force yourself to pee! Sit down and push, like you'd be trying to go number two. Sometimes if you have to go number two, then you will go number two as well! lol. But you can force the pee out of your bladder by doing this. I learned I could do this while my sister and brother in law where down. They where just about to arrive at the house (this is when I was 22, I've had this problem since I was11 years old). I was so feed up with this, so frustrated and angry I just literally tried to break my body by pushing. And to my surprise I began to urinate.

Remember one thing though. The more tense you are, the harder it will be at "first". You might have to push and urinate a little then stop, then do it again and stop. However many times it takes, that's ok.

This method does two things. First it allows you in your thoughts to absolutely know you can go anywhere without the fear of being in pain for the next 9 hours. And by that simple fact it will decrease fear which may over time began to relax you. If you know you can pee whenever you want, then fear is greatly reduced, you may just fix your self completely! But whatever the case you will know you can always reliever yourself, wherever and whenever!

This issue comes and goes for me, no rhyme or reason. Sometimes I can't even take a piss in the house, and no one is home! But I'm so thankful that I learned I could force myself to pee. Just sit on the toilet and push like your trying to go number two, you'll figure it out. You'll feel what to do. When I was 21 I had all the tests done. They checked me out and I'm good. No broken parts. My sister was molested when she was young and she did some things to me, not much. But I'm sure that's where it comes from. However I don't recall ever feeling "bad" or weird or anything about it. I've seen all the head doctors and everything else under the sun to try and remedy it, and nothing has worked.

So I stopped a long time ago looking for the answer. It really doesn't matter to me anymore. The only thing that matters to me is that I can go anywhere and drink anything without the fear of having to be in pain because I can't urinate. This method gave me back my life. I don't know if this method is no big deal, and people already know about it. If that's the case then my desire to post this meant nothing. I got a strong desire that I couldn't get rid of to make this post. God wouldn't stop bugging me about it : ) lol.

Anyways I hope it helps someone, let me know if it does!

#215 by Trusten

Hi Trusten

Glad you found a way that works for you.

But if anyone wants to be able to use urinals, then a UKPT workshop can help you get there.



#219 by andrew
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