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Very very insightful - Keith’s verdict on his recent virtual workshop experience.


Evaluation - after end of the Virtual workshop – VIA EMAIL

1. In what scenarios have you performed, that before the workshop would not have been possible?

People within 1m proximity. In silence with people hearing.

2. How does your progress you made compare with what you expected to make?

It was very, very insightful altogether. My expectations were optimistic, but weren't based on all the knowledge I gained during the session. For instance what the hierarchy feels like in practice, how you can find yourself baby stepping up the hierarchy, and how that kind of gives you the confidence that the sky is the limit. Or better said: That the shy bladder can become a little less shy. With every step you feel you can actually work with the problem. And that belief was introduced to me yesterday: That it's very workable.

3. How have your feelings about your paruresis changed?

Totally. Jack said that for him the biggest win was the shift in perspective towards the problem, and that's exactly what started inside of me yesterday as well. I've been introduced to a way more patient, forgiving and confident perspective on the whole thing. Can't wait to keep progressing, as it's kind of surreal to suddenly feel the thing that has been a rock solid problem for 15 years - is loosening its tight and inflexible grip on you.

4. Aside from paruresis, in what way has the day changed the way you feel about yourself?

Everything I described up here transfers to your whole character. More confidence through the optimistic perspective towards future situations that usually present problems cause of the shy bladder. Pride and relief.

5. What is your preparation/relaxation routine and at what point do you use it?

I put my feet solid on the ground, tighten and relax my legs and then take a deep breath right before I pee.

6. Is a Follow-up workshop in your plans, and if so, at what interval?

Not yet. Have to see how it develops.

7Would you find it helpful to be able to email or phone us for support?

Not yet, I'm good for now.

8. Please rate the content of the virtual workshop out of 10, and is there anything you think needs changing, removing, adding?

Ten. That's not an exaggeration. It's structured perfectly and the content is very, very accurate.

9. Please rate the Virtual/Zoom arrangements out of 10, and is there anything you think needs changing, removing, adding?


10. Please rate the performance of the workshop leaders out of 10 (oh go on, put them under pressure for a change!); what are their strengths, and where could they improve? If you feel inhibited from replying to this here, feel free to email your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by post to UKPT, PO Box 182, Kendal LA9 9AE

I like the interplay between Jack and Ian. Jack is leading and by that quite informative - and Ian kind of freestyles in between with a great 'smiling demeanour' to add some banter, or add some quality information. Kind of almost always smiling, lightening the whole room every time he presents himself. 10 and 10.

11. Anything else the UKPT can do for you?

Nope I'm good. Will see how my problem develops and how I can give back in the future, maybe doing some music or a poem about the shy bladder - as we discussed.

12. Anything else you want to say?

Nope, been quite elaborate already I think!

13. Would you like to be email connected with the other participants?

If anyone wants to get in contact with me I'm open to that and ya'll can connect me, but for myself I'm good.

14. Are you willing to help the UKPT is some small non-demanding practical way? If so, what skills can you offer, or what would interest you? To avoid embarrassment, we have provided a default negative :-)

Yeah sure. If you guys have a role you see me in I'm always open to discuss what we can do for each other. It's in my nature to support / help / coach others, especially when it's about things I myself have experience in.

Cheers guys,

Not a single psychologist or other therapeutic intervention is more powerful than the thing you guys are doing voluntarily. It's very well put together and very powerful. Will keep you updated about my growth, hoping to be at the urinals sometime soon again! Thanks again. 

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