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We have just received the below feedback from one of participants in the recent UKPT Zoom trial virtual workshop. We're now asking people who are interested in future virtual workshops to register an interest by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . At just £60 for the day's workshop, what have you got to lose....?

"Virtual workshop……yes, go for it.

I have suffered from shy bladder/paruresis all my life. It has limited me in so many ways, socially, work, holidays etc. The first thing that came into my mind at the idea of going somewhere was not ‘that sounds like fun’ but ‘how will I cope with weeing’. It has pre-occupied me and limited me almost every day. When I heard about UKPT and read other peoples stories similar to mine, I couldn’t believe it. I had felt so alone with my problem, and now it seemed there was help.

I recently attended a virtual workshop and am amazed at how positive I now feel about doing something to help manage my paruresis. I was unsure initially but having read through the workbook beforehand which detailed what would be covered, plus the day’s timetable and de-sensing preparation I felt ready to ‘face my demons’ and go with it.

Once the co-ordinators had introduced themselves I immediately felt more at ease. There was a lot to take in during the day but it served to give an overview of the problem, in order to understand the approach to changing it, and we all had the chance to talk about ourselves and how we are each affected. Many of the stories we shared were so familiar but reminded me again of just how big an impact paruresis has on each of us.

The actual desensitisation was carried out within each person’s comfort zone with no pressure and the co-ordinators couldn’t have been more sensitive and supportive.

By learning how to manage our anxiety and to rethink our whole approach to weeing, change becomes possible. It’s an ongoing approach and we were given worksheets and suggestions on how to continue to reinforce what we’d learnt.

Since the workshop I have gone to a public toilet most days to put into practice what I’ve learnt, with a definite improvement though, having had it for so long I know that change takes time. I have also told a friend about it, something I had been really scared of doing. She had never heard of paruresis but was very understanding and totally non judgemental.

So, if anyone is unsure about attending a workshop, I’d say, ‘go for it’."

Many thanks to this participant for sharing her experience.

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