PeeWee/urination devices

Hi everyone, I'm new here. 41 years old and can remember having AP since childhood. Wondering if anyone has had success with public toilets using products such as a shewee or funnel type device? My main problem with AP is being heard and I wonder if I could master using one of these devices and aim the urine the edge of the bowl (thus not making as much nose if any) that perhaps I may be able to go. Thanks for any ideas and tips.

#3021 by LouLou

Hi Loulou - it's good to see you reaching out for ways to manage your paruresis. As a female trustee for UKPT I'm in contact with quite a few females who have AP, and from time to time we have discussed shewees or similar. I'm afraid I haven't come across anyone who is using them happily, but that doesn't mean that there isn't anyone out there who manages with them - there could well be. I have come across a few women who use catheters which you might want to consider, but they are more invasive than shewees. I can reassure you that your fear of being heard is a very familiar one for women with AP. You might find it helpful to talk to some other women in similar situations. A group of up to a dozen or so women meet up via zoom every 4 - 6 weeks and you would be welcome to join in. Do let me know via this thread if you'd like to. And you might also like to consider coming to a virtual workshop to help you learn more ways of dealing with your AP so it has less impact on your life. You can get more information about the workshops at

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