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Hi all,

I am new here and would like to hear anyones experiences with managing to wee on transport.
It's my biggest issue and i love to travel so usually have to get a couple of flights if the flight is over 3 hours for fear of needing a wee and not being able to go as we all know it is painful! (from previous experience)

Has anyone been able to overcome this and what strategies have you usedd? I have managed to get over my public restroom issues on land and I am just wanting to cure myself of public transport paruresis!

Thanks guys!

#2055 by Adele

Hi Adele - well done on the progress you've made in public restrooms! I've managed to overcome plane and train issues, and a couple of years ago flew to New Zealand. You'll find there is a page on the UKPT website which deals with flying issues and makes some suggestions for helping to deal with them

It's really important to drink plenty of water during a flight so that you don't get dehydrated but also so that you give yourself the best chance of being able to pee. Some people, women as well as men, find it useful to be able to use a catheter and to have one in hand luggage "just in case". Knowing that it's there and you could use it if you were getting uncomfortable could relieve your anxiety.

You might like to think of attending a UKPT virtual workshop. This will give you a chance to discuss your issues in more depth and hopefully help you to gain a greater understanding of what might be going on and what you can do about it. The next virtual workshop will be on 12th March and I shall be there to facilitate for female attendees.

#2067 by ann

Thank you for your reply and positive story. Wow - New Zealand! I can't wait to travel long haul and not worry. I have been debating using a catheter or at least trying as i think this will give me such peace of mind. Is there a particular one that you suggest? I don't fany going to my GP asking for one as I'm not sure they understand the issue at all. I cant do the 12th March but i will definately do the next work shop available after this as it will be nice to get some advise from others! Thanks

#2111 by Adele

Hi Adele

Have look at this page on a catheter manufacturer's website:

Alll the best
Andrew (colleague of Ann's)

#2113 by andrew
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