A Therapist who specialises in avoidant paruresis

First of all I am so amazed to find this site and forum. When I have shared my problem with others, I sometimes got the response "yeah I get that sometimes when I'm a bit anxious" but there never seemed to be anyone who suffered this in the way I do e.g. for the whole of my life and always in the same places - parties, football matches, concerts etc . Always places where I was supposed to be enjoying myself and yet I was constantly worrying about whether and how I would be able to use the loo. I remember so many excruciating moments and so many events that I couldn't go to because of my paruresis.

I looked at the website and was amazed at how comprehensive the CBT for Paruresis guide was and I am speaking as a Clinical Psychologist as well as a sufferer. My only gripe is that when I looked at the BABCP page there was no way to sort out the therapists who were specialised in avoidant paruresis and I am pretty sure that this is not something that all psychologists or CBT therapists know how to treat. So I wonder if there is a list of BABCP therapists who specialise in this area?

Many thanks


#1133 by MRM

Hi Matthew
We did approach the BABCP and with their agreement surveyed their members to find out if any had experience of this condition, and whether they were interested in going on a list. The take up was small, and experience nil. Recently we decided to discontinue the list and refer enquirers to the BABCP website. A therapist with a good understanding of how to treat anxiety conditions should be able to help, especially if they are willing to put in the time to learn about it for our website.

#1134 by andrew

Hi Matthew
I trained as a counsellor although no Im longer practicing. In the many books I read as part of my diploma there was no mention of paruresis and other counsellors I spoke to were unaware of it. However the principles I learnt from CBT courses for other anxiety disorders served me well and I was able to apply it my own paruresis which had become quite severe. Sports events were always a problem and I used to dread them but thankfully I was able desensitise enough to be able to use the urinals in a packed stadium toilet now.

#1221 by Anonymous
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