I was peeing at urinal with no one in the room then a bloke walked into the toilet. I was thinking I was afraid of failure, of not peeing when someone is there. Is this the way to recover to misfire at certain levels? or to use gradual exposure with the door open? . I can use the cubicle with the door shut 90 percent of the time. The times I missfire are when I'm with a workmate or friend that doesn't know I have paruresis. I fear them knowing I use a cubicle and may make fun of me or they will ask why wasn't I urinating. I still have some resentment I don't care about strangers as such. I only misfire with strangers in a cubicle due to it being to busy too loud too small or a bad design where I can be seen whilst I'm in a cubicle. Honestly I should use a cubicle in work situation and not care if a work mate sees me obviously it would be rare for them to comment or make fun of that it's pretty common.

#78 by Dylan
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