Catheter question for long flight..

Dear fellow paruresis sufferers,

I have had this condition for a long time but I can manage it reasonably well.

However, I have a long flight next week and I will almost certainly not be able to pee on the plane. I have got hold of some free samples of catheters from various companies. For any guys with experience - roughly how long does it take to self-catheterise? I would like to get it over and done with within 5 mins if possible - or is this unrealistic?



#4226 by Ward

Hi Martin

Not at all unrealistic; in fact it takes much less time than that. Take the catheter out and make it ready to use say 30 sec, insert it say 15 secs, empty bladder as normal, remove catheter say 15 secs, and make it ready for disposal another 15 secs. So say a minimum of say 1.5 mins over and above the time to actually empty the bladder.
But do practice this a couple of times at home so that you know what to do and what to expect when on the plane.


#4227 by andrew

Thanks Andrews, that's reassuring to know.

#4229 by Anonymous

Thanks Andrew.

#4237 by Anonymous

Hi Martin

Hope you are well and your flights went ok?

I'm planning to do exactly the same on a 4 flights I have coming up shortly.

I'm just wondering if you had any advice following your flights - were security and customs ok with the Catheters for instnace?



#4509 by DBlackstone

Hi David
No problem: medical necessities. They do not contain 100+ml liquid so do not break regs. They will not be interested in a reason for having them. In the unlikely event, "a urinary condition" is all that need be said.

#4510 by andrew
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