Pee buddy

Is a pee buddy necessary for recovery? I have done years of gradual exposure and have told people about my condition. I sometimes have trouble urinating on job site toilets, when I leave a cubicle door open at urinals and troffs. I have someone I can use as a pee buddy but not sure if the person is fit for those duties.

#59 by Dylan

Thank you for your response. I've just been thinking alot that if I use a pee buddy I'll get over paruresis. I feel as though have to overcome paruresis Completely. I have minor misfires I sometimes plan toilet breaks at work so no one is by the building site toilet. As with my level I should be using door open in a wider setting some centres I find it extremely easy other times I don't. Yes I need to be completely comfortable in all scenarios with the door open before I progress. Paruresis has minor effect on my life but mentally I make a big deal of it.

#61 by Dylan
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