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Hi all,

I am a 17 year old autistic male and I have shy bladder syndrome.
I work as an intern Monday to Friday and find myself being really stressed at work because I cannot go to the toilet very often
At the moment I can't urinate in a public bathroom whether it be in the cubicle or in the urinal.
I can go in the disabled toilet but this is a very rare occurrence.
This is literally crippling as sometimes I need the toilet so bad but just cannot pass it no matter how much I feel like I need it.
Just wondered if there was anyone based in the midlands who could recommend a doctor or give me some advice as this is literally ruining my life.

Many thanks

#344 by LifeofDylan

Hi Dylan

Two things: in the long term, get yourself onto one of our weekend workshops. We have run over one hundred of them since 2003 for over 600 guys, and they work. We use a CBT approach as designed by professionals. Look on the workshop section of the website. It will tell you what they are, when they are, and how to book on one.

In the short term, go to your GP and ask to be shown how to do Intermittent Self-Catheterisation (ISC). Explain exactly how you are trapped and need this as a temporary way of emptying your bladder until you get the treatment you need i.e. the workshops above.

Also ask to be referred to a clinical psychologist for CBT; not as good as our workshops but better than nothing.

If the GP demurs saying there is a risk of infection, tell them that in the UKPT's experience men do not get infections from ISC.
If the GP says catheters are not the solution, ask them what you are supposed to do when you get Retention (use that word); go to A&E every day?

And keep in touch either via this forum or via the support email address. We would like to help you get over this.



#345 by andrew
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