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I can't tell you how thankful I am for this site. I just found it today. There have been times in my life it was no problem to take a piss in any situation. There have been other times the stage fright happened. For some reason, the last 2-3 years, this has been a bigger problem for me. Before going somewhere or doing an activity, I think ahead to make sure I can piss without having to use a public restroom. I hate doing this. Concerts & sporting events are the worst. I go to the restroom at home 2-3X to make sure I have an empty bladder. If going out for beers, well, it's gonna need to be emptied out. I always get upset with myself for not being able to go to the men's room and go. That changed today, reading so many other stories. It is a great relief knowing I am far from alone. I've read about techniques like holding your breath and counting back from 100. I am going to use these going forward. If I fail, I won't get upset and just keep improving. I want to thank everyone for their stories and advice. It is good to be here.

#2395 by JamesUSA

Hi James
Very glad you found our forum and that it has helped you. There is lots more to read about on the website .
Another way forward is to attend a workshop whether in person or online; however as you seem to be in the USA, get in touch worth the American organisation IPA whose website is:
That way you will find out about workshops in the States, and online workshops in your time zone.
But feel free to reply on this forum if you wish
Andrew in the UK

#2401 by andrew

Thanks Andrew and Cheers!

#2541 by Anonymous
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