How to get started with gradual exposure

Hello Ben,

Yeah starting from the absolute bottom is essential. My first practice session was in a rather large toilet near a beach. The troff was far from the cubicles and i was successful using the cubicle. I would later goto shopping centres with large quiet toilets and I would urinate 1 cubicles away from another occupied cubicle. Then I would progress to larger busier toilets and still have a cubicle buffer. I would then try next to someone else in a cubicle with low walls then later high walls. But remember before progressing from each step make sure you've done it alot of times.

The idea is to record the size business difficulty of each toilet. Also if your in a mall pee for 3 seconds in one toilet then move to 4 more visiting the same ones if necessary. It is uncomfortable at first but you get used to it and stop caring. More people would give a clearer understanding but this is all I know from my experience.


#28 by Dylan

Thanks Dylan, experience from the horse's mouth is priceless. Andrew

#29 by andrew

Thank you, Dylan I very much appreciate it

#30 by Ben
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