Trouble with standing in cubicles

I've been trying to stand and pee in cubicles with people either side of me but no matter how many times I try I still can't get a stream going, the fact that my feet can be seen puts a weird pressure on me and I can't seem to get rid of it no matter what. I've got no trouble when the next cubicle next to me is empty or the when the cubicle walls are also touching the floor when someone is next to me then I'm fine but it's trying to get to the point of peeing with someone next to me with normal height cubicle walls, I can't think of a middle step between the two hierarchies and I feel like I'm making no progress at all now and don't know how to move forward.

#217 by David

HI David. This shows that what you are trying to do is too challenging; so we need to find a lower challenge to desense to. I suggest you desense to being in a cubicle, standing, unzipped etc, but with no need to pee i.e. to get used to being in there, feet facing the wrong way. Stay in there for say a minute. Repeat the exercise time and again until the anxiety wears off (because no-one ever comments), and until it becomes boring.

Then you can move up a mini step; do as above, again with no need to pee, but take in a squeezy bottle with some water in. Use that to make a flow. The first step will be onto the porcelain i.e. quiet; when diseased to that, start on the porcelain and move it into the water. When used to that, squirt it into the water direct.

Once you have desensed to that, and you may have skipped stages if it felt right, you can drink so you need a pee, and repeat this exercise but peeing; again pee on the porcelain. Only when designed to that continue as above.

do you see that by taking it in small steps, you can control the level of anxiety you are learning to manage?



#218 by andrew

That's great, thank you. I'll do a lot more faking then before I even attempt to try and pee. When I fake ands repeat should it be in the same public toilet every time so I'm desensing to that situation or can it be different toilets but the same scenario? Thanks, David

#220 by David
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