Are desense sessions needed if you go to public toilets in your day to day life

I've been slacking on the amount of time I put into desensing sessions lately as life has just got in the way and so I have less free time to just go out purely to desense, I go to public toilets in my day to day life and never miss or avoid an opportunity to do so, so I'm wondering if a dedicated desensing session is still needed if I just do it in my day to day life. I'm slightly worried that because I've been slacking with the desensing that I will start to regress from the progress I've made despite never avoiding public toilets and always going to one when I have the opportunity but because I'm not progressing will I start to go backwards if don't do dedicated desense sessions? What causes someone to start to regress, is it purely if you start to avoid public toilets or is it if you become stagnant at your current level so to speak? I just don't want to start going backwards from all the progress I've made as I plan to join the police and any regression will halt those plans. Thanks, David

#210 by David

Hi David
If you are using a range of toilets in your day-to-day life, that are at the level you want to be at, then you don’t need to do any desensing. Your daily life is positively reinforcing your ability to go in those situations. The trick is to move mentally from seeing going to the toilet as an event, to seeing it as something routine, unremarkable, and eventually forgettable.

If you are going at a certain level, but you want to be able to go at a more challenging level, then you use desensing to practice that e.g take the case of someone who is comfortable in public toilets so long as the urinals both sides are free; and say because of the life he leads he needs to be comfortable when one of the next door urinals is being used, then he can plan a dense sessions to target that.

Does that answer your question?


#211 by andrew

Yes it does, thank you. I'm starting to find it harder to pee when I do desensing sessions in identical situations than to my day to day life as I think i put too much pressure on myself as I want to progress and not go backwards as I can't pee all the time in public toilets at my level, I find it hard to adopt the it doesn't matter if i pee mentality, do you have any advice on how I can change my mindset? Also, is sitting down classed as a coping mechanism and should I be avoided as I'm hiding that im just peeing? Thanks, David

#212 by David
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