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  • ann

In an effort to reduce the amount of time spent in workplace toilets, some employers are apparently considering a toilet redesign with downward sloping toilets which are apparently less comfortable than standard toilets. I can see this being problematic for people with paruresis. workplace toilet redesign

  • ann

The Hong Kong Toilet Association are proposing to install women's urinals in Hong Kong's public toilets to reduce the amount of time that females spend in the toilet. Apparently, we would only need 1.5 minutes to use a urinal as opposed to the more usual 2 - 3 minutes we spend in a cubicle. It's believed it would reduce the age-old problem of queues in the female toilets.

I don't know about anyone else here but it would take me much more than 1.5 minutes to use a female urinal, in fact I doubt very much if I could use one at all.

They will put a shelf above the urinals for our handbags - that's ok then.....

The South China Morning Post

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