Women's Feedback

Here are some recent quotes from some of the previous attendees of UKPT Women's Days. These ladies remain in email contact with each other, and with myself, and you can see just how much the sharing of experiences is proving to be of benefit. It's really great to hear this. Are there any other ladies out there who would like to be in contact?

“It has helped greatly to know that us fellow sufferers are not alone (as many of us previously thought).”

“I think in general we are all getting more positive about our difficulties. It is so good to know that there are other people with the same problem, and that we can all learn to be resourceful and manage to have interesting and eventful lives.”

“I had a lovely time on holiday, all my various anxieties were unfounded!! I must remember this in future.”

“The last meeting I came to was very helpful and inspired me to try and deal with the problem more than I had been doing. I am not so worried or afraid of situations now.”

“I have found that if I wait until I really want to pee I am nearly always successful now.”

“Generally speaking I have got a lot better and will persevere if I can’t go the first time.”

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