I Can't Pee in Public Bathrooms, and it is Actually Ruining My Life

It's pretty rare to come across articles about paruresis, but particularly unusual to come across articles about women with paruresis. I came across this article in a 2016 edition of Cosmopolitan. Written by Nicole Rupersburg, this really resonated with me - I found myself in similar situations so many times in the past. Nicole - we are indeed kindred spirits. www.cosmopolitan.com/health-fitness/a594...me-public-bathrooms/ .

#88 by ann

Hi Ann
As you know, I am a fellow sufferer. I also found this article very interesting. I thought the ripeness of the writer's language was probably a reflection of the magazine she is writing for. I looked her up and she is American and obviously very busy, so may be difficult to contact. Good to know that the condition is being publicised - her experience seems very familiar to me as well.

#89 by Jean

Yes - the writer clearly sees the need to raise awareness of paruresis, and it's so good to see the female perspective in a mainstream magazine article.

#90 by ann
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