Leaving the House

I have been living with Paruresis since I was 8. From the anxiety it has caused over the years when I leave the home I am constantly feeling as though I need to pee regardless of whether I actually do or not. This makes it hard to just enjoy the day. This September I'm going on a cruise and it would be great not to worry about having Paruresis and feeling like I need to pee all the time except when natural is really calling.

I have looked into finding support for having anxiety from a charity such as Solent Mind and to try to find things to get me out of the house as my social life is next to non existent. Unfortunately they run on weekdays which due to work I can only attend once in a blue moon so progress is slow.

I do plan to attend another workshop this year. I have attended 2 and both times I have made some progress.

#394 by Nigel

Hi Nigel just thought I’d answer you as you’ve had no replies so far.As far as always wanting to pee when you go out even if you’ve only just been I can empathise with you as I can suffer from that .Its what they call an over sensitive bladder ,your nervous system is telling you you want to pee even if you don’t ,it’s related to finding a safe place to pee when your out in the big wide world.Ive read where it helps when this occurs to hang fire for an extra hour before going.A case of retraining your mind to bladder content.The other side of the coin is that you may be not completely emptying your bladder and it may be partially filled at most times and this can lead to infection.I recommend if you are travelling to learn to cath ,this can tremendously relieve your anxieties as you are guaranteed to empty your bladder when travelling and the bonus is it will fully empty so averting medical problems.

#398 by Roy

Hi Roy, many thanks for your message. I do think its down to over sensitivity as you mentioned in your message. I will give the holding on for an extra hour a go and see if that helps.

#402 by Anonymous

Hi Nigel look in to the speedy cath they come in boxes of 100 I get them from the company themselves they’ve actually saved me from misery . I’ve travelled all over the world now thanks to this pen sized catheter & a pack of antibacterial wipes .

#409 by Dave

Hi Dave, thank you for your message. I will have a look into it.

#419 by Anonymous
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