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Hey. Thanks for reading my post. What a great site this is. I took a look at it a few years ago but the introduction of the forums since is a great addition. It's really positive to read the input from other men like me - just regular blokes who happen to be AP sufferers.

I can't say I'm completely comfortable describing myself as a sufferer but that's what it is. Like others who've posted on here I'd always liked to think I didn't let it affect my life, but of course it has, in many of the ways already described on this site.

I'd put myself midway on the severity spectrum, although that can vary depending on wider stress/anxiety factors. Like many it started at 11 or 12 for no apparent reason. In the decades since I've become adept at picking my time and place to minimise the chances of struggling or failing to empty my bladder. But busy social gatherings with unknown or very limited cubicle facilities are still a problem I dread and tend to avoid. A humiliation best kept buried, you could say.

The UKPT workshops sound like a really good first step for facing AP head on, but as someone who relies on weekend work this isn't really an option for me, at least for now. However I am open to dialogue or even meets with anyone else affected by AP in the London/ home counties area should you feel it could be of benefit to you too.

I'm friendly, good company (I'd like to think) and importantly, discreet. If you're looking around this website feeling slightly mortified then I know exactly how you feel! I'm contactable via the UKPT email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you reference this post.



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