My experience with Intermittent Self-Catheterisation (ISC)

Hey, I'm so happy that you have been prescribed with ISC and are living your life to the fullest! I am currently in a battle of finding a urologist who can prescribe me with ISC, as I am in the same position that you were in prior to ISC. If you could let me know who your urologist was I would really appreciate it! My email address can be got from the support email contact; ask for Sean's email address. (email address deleted cos it would be picked up by a spam bot and he would then get deluged with spam)

Please delete this comment if this is against the rules! (My apologies, just desperate to find a urologist who will be on board with prescribing me with ISC).

#3684 by Sean

Hello Sean,

I can’t see the date of your post but I’m really sorry if this gets to you very late. I’ve emailed my email to the support address for UKPT so hopefully very soon we’ll be in contact.

Hang in there buddy!

#3710 by Anonymous

Hi, I understand how you feel about hospitals. Now that I’m in my 70s, I’ve had a few hospital stays in the past few years, either for out-patient surgery or for one stay of a few days (I’m in the US). I always tell every nurse or doctor I deal with about my paruresis. I’ve found that about 90% of the nurses are very familiar with the condition, and are very sympathetic and accommodating, either by giving me maximum privacy, or cathing me if necessary. One thing that helps is that my hospital has all private rooms, and the pre/post op rooms all have their own bathrooms. Doctors are a different story: every one, including a urologist and his staff, have never heard of this. This hasn’t been an issue though, they all believed me. Only one actually took an interest in the condition, and genuinely wanted to learn more about it. My long time primary care physician (now retired) also suffered from paruresis, and was shocked when I brought it up to him after years of seeing him. Like so many of us, he thought he was the only one who had to deal with this his whole life!

#3759 by Jack

Hi Jack, interesting reply thanks. Here in Blighty our NHS is slowly imploding; we feel lucky to get treated within a year never mind private rooms! Not great for people with AP hence the posts.

#3774 by Anonymous

I am currently a student at university and my paruresis has been causing me a lot of stress. I struggle to talk to people about it, but I would really like to try ISC and get my life back on track.
If there is some way I could receive the details of your urologist, I would be incredibly grateful. I don't know how this site works since it is all anonymous, but hopefully we can figure something out.
Thanks so much

#3815 by Jam

Hi Jam

Email me using the email address in the Contacts tab. I can then send you his email address.



#3816 by andrew
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