Manchester Workshop - September '19

Hi everyone,

Just posting on her to share my postive experience of attending the Manchester Workshop in September. The workshop leaders were excellent and meeting others who share the same phobia was really reassuring and motivating. It really does affect people from all walks of life and made me realise that changing our mindset about feeling abnormal is key, when actually it is pretty normal and there are probably even more men out there who suffer with it than we know.

Coming away from the workshop, I felt that I had learned alot about the cognitive and physilogical aspects associated to the phobia, and how and why it happens. Understanding it better has really helped me to think about approaches and try techniques to overcome it.

Don't expect the workshop to be a cure, but it is the start of a journey that will take time and energy to overcome. I can honestly say that I made progress in one weekend and I am really happy I attended. Don't hesitate to sign up if you're thinking about it. You owe it to yourself and you really won't regret it.

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