Unable to provide urine sample today , feeling down

I am 30 years old, I have always known I have had a problem peeing. I never knew groups like this exisited until today. I am very happy to know I am not the only one.

For my entire life I have struggled to pee in the presence of people near by, I avoid urinals (unless the room is deserted) and only use cubicles. The severity of it all depends on the situation. Finding that there is a name for this condition is a great first step for me today. I got here after a failure of a day which has left me feeling down.

For my new job I must provide a urine sample for drugs and alcohol but today was unable to provide a urine sample. I tried what I could (breathing exercises, shutting down my mind and trying to force it out ) and I just couldn't do it. The nurse outside gave me about 10-15minutes. I started to get worked up because I know if I don't provide this sample I will not be accepted for my new job.

The nurse told me to rebook I am guessing she had other people to see.

Anyways it will most likely be again within a week or 2.

Not enough time to attend a workshop I was hoping somebody has some techniques or physiological mind training I can do to help me pee on demand in the presence of a nurse.

I know it is all physiological because the moment I left her office I went pee straight away.

Please , how do I get my mind to take control of my body in this situation.


#229 by John

Hi John

Have you read our piece about workplace testing here:

The main thing to get over is that it is their responsibility to provide the necessary conditions, or to use another form of testing.



#230 by andrew
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