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When I left the workshop I'd come up with an action plan and I'm struggling to put it into practice. I was going to try and use at least one public toilet each day but I'm already struggling to do that. On Monday, I was going to use one that I'd used before and I knew the layout etc but someone was just going in so I thought I'd try a bit later, same when I tried later so I bailed. Tuesday I managed to use a cubicle in another loo and there was one other person in there using the urinal, so I felt a bit better about that. Wednesday I used one in a pub I'd not tried before but it was empty so that wasn't too great a challenge. Today I've tried the one I used on Tuesday but there was another person just about to go in so I thought I'd try again later and the same later. I know I'd be OK once I was in there but I can't push myself to do it, particularly if someone is just about to go in there. If you can't get through the door progression is difficult. We touched on this during the weekend, attitudes and walking into a toilet with confidence. I'll stick at it, but I struggling to see how you could put this into a hierarchy of challenge. Any advice would be welcome.

#222 by Charles

Hi Charles, 3 things you can do;
1. Get used to walking in to a toilet. Go in and wash your hands, or do your hair, and walk out. Do this as often as you can until it ceases to be an issue,
2. Then use faking. Peeing takes about 20 second so fake peeing for about 30 secs. This desenses you to being in there, and to not peeing; that is useful for later when you are dealing with latency.
3. Cos peeing takes about 20 secs, if someone else is going in, slow down and give them a head start, Say 30 secs max. You want them to still be in there but part way through going, so you know when you are in there, they will shortly finish.
Hope that helps

#223 by Anonymous

Thanks for that andrew, I'll try what you suggest. The support is much appreciated.

#224 by Charles
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