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  • andrew

Hi Mark
Yes troughs are only for those totally unaffected by shy bladder. Well spaced urinals with properly sized privacy screens are the ideal, but it is plot luck, especially on old pubs. Even some guys who do not have shy bladder will use a cubicle in preference.
Can you change your mindset to an unemotional one of preferring the hygiene and privacy of a cubicle, and treating that preference as no big deal? Just say "I don't like troughs", and do not justify or apologise for it.
Interestingly I met a guy from Lithuania who said cubicles are the norm there; he had no interest in desensing to urinals.
As for your son, if he is cool about most urinals, I suggest you don't show him the site, as it would be a shame to plant a seed that just because he does not like troughs, he qualifies as having shy bladder.

  • Mark

While I normally que up for a trap, sometimes I can manage a urinal which has a large modesty board but those bloody troughs fill me with dread. I could stand there all day drinking pints of water and I guarantee my bladder would burst before a dripple would appear. They need to be banned along with the open urinals. Sadly it appears that dispute trying my hardest to use the bloody things when my son was young at 14 it's obvious I have passed the curse to him. I will have a chat with him and show him the site. Thanks to those would run this site, it's nice to know we aren't alone.

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