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Please enter information in the form below to process registration for event Manchester Beginners - Mixed.

It will assist our planning if you can indicate whether or not you can pee in the following situations, adding comments if it depends on certain conditions.


We will need to store your contact information until after the workshop. All information will be stored according to our Privacy Policy. Please note that having been through the workshop experience ourselves we place the highest importance on confidentiality and will never pass your details on to anyone.

We would like to keep your email address after the workshop so that we can keep you informed of subsequent follow up workshops, and other paruresis-related information which we think may be of interest to you.

After the workshop, we will delete your postal address and phone numbers from our records. Note that the postal address is requested only for booking purposes; we do not use it for anything else. The mobile number is used only during the workshop. We would like to keep a record of your general location ie. London, Manchester, Glasgow for the purposes of future workshop locations.

Bursary Fund And Discounts

UKPT bursaries are available for people who wish to attend a workshop but would otherwise struggle to find the finances to do so. We are a very small charity, with extremely limited financial resources which we try to stretch as far as possible in order to be able to help as many people as possible. For example the workshop leaders are unpaid volunteers who undertake workshop training in their own time. If you are applying for a financial help, whilst not discouraging you from doing so, as a sign of good faith we ask you to explain your circumstances. Regardless we do expect a contribution towards the costs of a workshop, which are regularly well over £1,000. Every little really does help us. Thank you.

Student discount definition = Full time student in tertiary education who has no employment income.

Please note: Booking will not be confirmed until payment is received. Cancellations within 7 days of a workshop starting will be charged a £20 fee.

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