Looking for some help please

Hi Cane, Have you had similar experiences with locking up etc ?
It would be good to plan to meet up once lock down restrictions have been eased, I think it is good to confide in someone as S Hughes mentioned in one of the earlier messages.
S Hughes has suggested either meeting one or both of us ?

#448 by goldenhill2000

Hi, Thank you for your message and I am sorry for misspelling the name Hughs.
As I mentioned to Cane it would be good to meet and chat at some point, I think a workshop is definitely the way forward once they are up and running again.

#449 by goldenhill2000

No worries. Perhaps Andrew can pass on my email so you can get in touch later. All the best.

#451 by SHughs

Hi SHughs

I don't think I have your email address? Could you email me at the address under Contact?Or prompt my memory :-)


#453 by andrew
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