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Positive thinking


 Posted by mike uk on 27/8/2001

N = negative thoughts

P = positive thoughts

read very slowly and pause at the end of each sentence

As you read this post you are surrounded be a swarm of Ns. The Ns are fairly large but are now shrinking slightly, smaller, smaller…gone. They are now slowly replaced with vibrant, colourful small Ps – rich positive energy, replacing the vacuum where the old Ns were. The Ps grow larger and with that even more relaxation sets in. Now the positive letters are charged with energy and start to enter your head flooding and illuminating and buzzing with pure life force. They grow larger still and crackle and fire into parts of your body tissue, mainly they are golden, but some are also radiating you with intense flashes of purple light. Some still are super golden – these are the healing light. These ones grow large indeed and explode like thermo-nuclear flashes bigger than your body, blasting you to the core with iridescence, firing out into the entire universe with an ancient power beyond life.

From now on an increased awareness overtakes you more and more each day as Negative thoughts are routed out and blossom into Positive energy.

am I crazy? no!

You can pass thru the barrier of your conscious mind and reach the subconscious by using Positive visualisations such as these. Use metaphor and not "toilet" imagery unless it crops up during the visualisation.

Try it…you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Get into a fairly relaxed state first off!

I myself feel fantastic and incredibly positive. Each day I accept myself and who I am a little more. (I also must stop smoking that stuff at parties.)

A case study of successful treatment
Opposite thinking – Carl Robbins


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